And the Grammy Goes To …

February 12th, 2017

Let’s face it, often the fashion at award’s shows is a hotter topic than the actual winners. Today, instead of the expected best and worst list, I am giving out some Grammy awards of my own. And the Grammy goes to …

Best Use of Greenery — The Pantone Color of the Year

Winner: Adele in Givenchy Haute Couture

It’s not easy being green but Adele does her absolute best to pull off the Pantone Color of the Year. While I’m not in love with this look, I applaud the musical powerhouse for risking the Christmas tree comparison while walking the Red Carpet. Hello from the other side or, perhaps, the forest.

Best Translation of a Snapchat Flower Crown

Winner: Elle King

She may be making all of her ex’s scream oh’s, but this look only screams “No.” Alternative award: Best Renaissance Faire-Ready Gown. They may want you to make them all but after this look they will definitely let go.

Best Bipolar Gown

Winner: Katy Perry in Tom Ford

Tom Ford rarely gets it wrong. However, when it happens, it’s a train wreck. This disjointed frock — which *might* have worked on the runway — does not translate to a real woman’s body. Is it Studio 54? Is it “The Great Gatsby?” Either way, it’s double trouble.

Best Throw of Shade at Body Shamers

Winner: Lady Gaga

The outfit — which is only appropriate for The Grammy’s or a kinky dungeon (yes girl!) — is a silent yet ferociously loud “F You” to her Super Bowl body critics. Keep on slaying, Lady. No poker face needed.

Best Ode to the ’80s 

Winner: Solange

“Solid Gold” called … you know the rest. I have to admit, this dress is wonderfully on trend. The ’80s are back and bigger than ever for spring, and this look hits several MTV-era trends in one bold gown. But there’s one too many things going on here: one-shoulder, a bold sleeve, a thigh-high slit, pleated gold lame, statement hair, peplum … Let’s just pick like three and call it a look, girl.

Best Use of Snakes

Winner: Santigold in Gucci

It may be the year of the monkey but fashion designers are going their own way for spring 2017, and it’s all about the snake. From Gucci to Givenchy and Balenciaga, the cold-blooded reptiles are slithering their way onto dresses, bomber jackets, denim looks and more for spring. Santigold does a fab job of translating the trend, no matter how many people will hisssss and boo at her choice.

Best Reason to Be A Cougar

Winner: Nick Jonas in Balmain

Lusting after a Jonas brother? That isn’t something I saw coming. But beyond his boyish good looks, this pop star has truly cultivated an amazing style that is both street chic and rock ‘n’ roll. He’s beating every Kardashian at the Balmain game. No doubt they’re all “Jealous.”