These Flowers Won’t Wilt

April 20th, 2017

Let’s face it: Mother Nature is that finicky friend who can never decide where she wants to go for dinner.

Chinese? Ugh, then I’ll bloat.

Italian? Too many carbs.

Sushi? That darn shellfish allergy again …

In the case of Mother Nature — and especially her gift of spring — she can never quite decide if the season should be warm, dry, cloudy or even have a stray snow shower. It’s like all four seasons in one, over the span of three brief months. It’s definitely the most schizophrenic of all the seasons.

Needless to say, deciding what to wear can be a challenge.

But just because those April showers are taking their sweet old time bringing up those May flowers doesn’t mean we can’t dream of florals — and wear them. I love this fun floral dress by Taylor Dresses, especially it’s fun cold shoulder. And I plan to wear it until I can at least see some colorful crocus peeking up from the ground.

So even if Mother Nature has some serious decision-making problems — and a potential mental disorder — you can still think (and wear) spring, no matter the weather. Go ahead and bloom on, fashionistas.

Taylor Dresses Dress // Michael Kors “Berkley” Sandals // Vince Camuto Earrings & Bracelets

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