Get Smart

December 1st, 2016

Who else’s New Year’s resolution was to get their life back on track?

Not that mine has completely derailed — but I definitely need to do a better job of maintaining my busy schedule. Once you reach your mid-30s, being 20 minutes late everywhere just isn’t as cute as it used to be.

Luckily, brands like Michael Kors and Fossil have introduced some fab new smart watches that aim toget time-challenged people like myself on the road to promptness. With a watch this cute — and the ability to discreetly view texts and emails with a subtle swipe of my finger — I may never be unfashionably late again. (Here’s hoping!)

On Jordan: Michael Kors Access ‘Dylan’ smart watch // Ralph Lauren sweater and shirt // Ruff Hewn GREY leggings // Calvin Klein boots (similar style here) // Coach handbag // Michael Kors bracelets and earrings 

On Parker: Fossil Q Wander smart watch // Levi’s denim jacket // Michael Kors jacket, jeans and shirt // Calvin Klein shoes

Photography by Matthew Haas Photography

Clothing and accessories available at

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