What I Learned from Trying a Fashion Hair Color

October 6th, 2017

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, you can’t get through five images before seeing someone rocking a fashion hair color. From pretty in pink to posh purple, icy gray, true blue or even a rainbow spectrum of colors, fashion hair colors are one of the biggest hair trends of the past few seasons. So, of course I had to try it for myself!

My main/mane man Parker agreed that rose gold might be a fun color on me, so we jumped right in — head first, so to speak. The result? A punk yet very chic pink hue that blends perfectly with my darker base. But after that first day of reveling in having it-girl hair, I started to notice a few things. My makeup seemed off; my favorite sweater clashed. Wait, maybe this fashion hair thing has a few drawbacks. Gasp!

For all of you who are thinking of trying a fashion hair color, here are five things I’ve learned about living with my new pink hair:

  1. I cannot go without makeup. Like, ever. It’s true. Think about a fashion hair color like wearing a large pair of sparkly drop earrings. You wouldn’t wear them with leggings and a sweatshirt, right? (Well, unless the leggings were leather and you popped the look with fun heels, but I digress …) Fashion hair works very much like your favorite accessory — it needs to be supported by the rest of your look. When I am sans makeup, my skin looks pale, and every little imperfection seems magnified on my face. On the flip side, when I apply concealer, lip gloss and mascara, my rich and colorful mane makes my skin absolutely glow. I’ve also noticed I’ve been going heavier on the eyeliner — it must be my inner rock star coming out!
  2. No more bright red lips for this gal. Anyone who follows my fashion journey knows I live for a big, bold red lip. But once my hair took on a pink hue, my trusty red-orange lipstick made me look like a box of Crayola’s exploded on my head. So, after trying several different lipsticks I found that rich nudes (like Nars Dolce Vita) and deep, vampy brown-reds work best with my new hair hue. While my foundation and blush colors stayed the same, I noticed the bronzer I used to contour my face looked dark and clashed with my hair. And my shiny pink-hued eyeshadow has now been replaced with sparkly browns and nudes. An easy fix, but an important one.
  3. My closet has been cut in half. I don’t tend to wear a lot of color — I am a neutral and black girl when it comes to fashion. But, when I do wear a color, it is red. And that is not happening with my new pink hair. Red looks incredibly harsh with my hair, and washes out my complexion. Another go to, light gray, is also out. So, for now, I will be sticking to black, charcoal and white. And although I haven’t tried it yet, I have a feeling blush, rich teal and purple would also look fab.
  4. People stare, a lot. And that is good and bad. Although there are aspects of my career that tend to put me in the public eye, I am still quite shy at heart. And racking up the stares when I am doing everything from walking my dog at 7 a.m. to rushing to the gym is something that takes some getting used to. (Especially when it’s hard to tell if people love it or hate it.) But I have also found this to be a great exercise in self esteem and confidence. I have found myself strutting with pride, even when I am in my sweatpants. After all, when you have pink hair, you MUST own it.
  5. I feel like a rock star. For real. Every time I look in the mirror, I smile. I never thought at two months shy of my 40th birthday that I would have pink hair, and it is an everyday reminder that age is truly just a number.

The moral? I would do this all over again  — and I adore my hair — but it’s important to understand all that goes in to sporting a rock star hue. In addition to prepping your closet, your makeup bag and your confidence, talk through the maintenance (which can be quite extensive) with your hair stylist to make sure a fashion color is the best choice for you. Then, go forth and rock it!

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