Model Behavior

August 20th, 2017

Strike a pose!

Madonna says there’s nothing to it, but every time I step in front of the camera I feel as awkward as I do when saying the words “President Trump.” But given the fact that I’m a fashion expert and blogger, having my photo taken has become a large part of my life. Although I never imagined I would be the one in front of the camera.

There are myriad reasons why I am an unlikely model — from the normal stuff, like I was a fat, oft-teased child and sported a unibrow through most of high school, to the career stuff, like being an editor and always working behind the scenes. But when the landscape of fashion changed due to the invention of the “fashion blogger,” I had to roll with it. So, here I am, uncomfortably smiling — yet often nailing the “look down and to the side” advice of one of my fav photographers, Matt Haas — on a regular basis.

But fashion blogging isn’t about modeling, it’s about fashion. That’s the stuff I know.

So when I was asked by my fav branding firm, Company B Brand Marketing, to actually MODEL for a shoot for Milwaukee’s Shoreline Real Estate, I was both surprised and a wee bit frightened. Then they mentioned free brunch at Cafe at The Plaza Hotel. Who could possibly pass that up?

So, here is a look at a few of the images from the amazing Matt Haas, promoting Shoreline’s Milwaukee properties. Did I pull it off? (See the actual finished product at Either way, I’ll be digging into a stack of pancakes this weekend, so it’s already a win for me.

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Photography by Matt Haas Photography

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