The White Stuff

December 7th, 2017

To say I am addicted to tea is to say the Earth is round, sky is blue and prosecco is the queen of all sparkling wines.

Some things are just obvious.

On any given day, I will drink between three and six cups of tea — and that number raises exponentially when I am feeling under the weather. Green tea is my daytime drink; lemon tea and ginger-turmeric tea my late afternoon go-tos. And of course, my head generally doesn’t hit the pillow without first enjoying a cup of Sleepytime.

But all this tea drinking has wreaked havoc on my smile. My once sparkling white chompers now look a little dull. And don’t even get me started on the “tissue test.”

So during my last dental visit, I asked my rock star dentist, Dr. Stephanie Murphy, what my best course of action would be.

Knowing I would never give up my little cups of soul-soothing sunshine, she suggested I try at-home whitening trays. I had used OTC whitestrips but had only seen minimal whitening results. They also made my teeth ache, which made me reluctant to put them on each day — and eventually I gave up altogether.

Luckily, the whitening trays were different. First, the strengths vary, so I could start at a low level with my sensitive teeth. Of course, you can also choose a higher strength if you aren’t seeing results fast enough.

You can also choose how long and how often you wear them. Considering I am about as forgetful as a chimpanzee (they retain memories for like 20 seconds, btw — random Animal Planet documentary knowledge), knowing all I had to do was wear the trays for at least an hour a day was a pretty acceptable plan.

After having a lengthy talk about all my options, Dr. Murphy and I decided the medium-level whitening gel would be best, and I would avoid wearing them overnight to keep sensitivity at bay. So, after having a few impressions taken of my mouth, my trays were made and I was ready to start loving my smile once again.

A week after I started the whitening process I realized it was a life-changer. I wore the trays for one-to-two hours each day for five days, and my teeth are now as white as they were before I discovered the British stuff.

I can’t believe the small amount of gel you need per tooth — literally a dot! Now, I simply put in my trays anytime my teeth are looking dull for a few days, and I am back to a smile I can feel confident about. Plus, I have experienced zero — seriously, none — pain throughout the process. My teeth are a little sensitive to very cold water but other than that its been a cup of tea (see what I did there?).

Thanks to Dr. Murphy and her team, I am smiling bigger and brighter than ever, and excited to snap all my toothy selfies (see evidence below).

If you want to try it out for yourself, check out and schedule a consultation. After all, you’re never too long in the tooth to have beautiful teeth. (Ok, last pun but really, how could I not? lol)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Stephanie Murphy DDS. This post is written in trade for services. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the clinic.

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